Author - Will Bush

Industrial Fan Propellers Custom Built

Industrial facilities that have exhaust fans periodically will need to replace worn out or broken fan propellers. Large on-line catalog companies offer replacement fan propellers, but they offer only a few generic sizes, that will not perform the same in all fans. Hence it can be difficult to find a company that specializes in Industrial Fan Propellers Custom Built for replacement, that will be tailored to not only fit, but to perform to the fan's full capacity. Most noteworthy [...]

Stainless Steel Roof Exhaust Fans (304 or 316 Stainless Steel)

Industrial facilities that routinely exhaust high concentrations of corrosive air (such as acid for example), should consider the use of Stainless Steel Roof Exhaust Fans (304 or 316 Stainless Steel).  The grade of stainless steel is usually determined by the specific chemical and concentration. Stainless Steel Roof Exhaust Fans exhaust this contaminated air to the outside, and are conveniently located on the roof. Custom Built to your exact specifications. MADE IN THE USA. A company that specializes in the manufacture [...]

Industrial Man Coolers. Cool harsh Forging, Steel Mill & Heat Treating Operations

There are many industrial processes that require the use of very heavy duty industrial cooling fans to stand up to these rigorous conditions and environments. Industrial Man Coolers cool equipment and personnel in Forging, Steel Mill and Heat Treating Operations. Light weight circulation fans will likely not survive these harsh plant conditions. The highest quality, heaviest duty fans are available from Carl J. Bush Company - USA (and American Family Business, since 1929). Hence, call them at (248) 276-8400.   Industrial Man [...]

Paint Booth Roof Exhaust Fan Systems

If you want to convert a room to a Paint Booth that has no exterior walls to the outside, many time your only option is to use Paint Booth Roof Exhaust Fan Systems, that incorporate an Explosion Proof Roof Exhaust Fan (positioned on the roof above the Paint Booth), and dropping a duct from that roof exhauster to a remote filter box in the Paint Booth. Carl J. Bush Company - USA, an American family business since 1929, has [...]

Filtered Roof Exhaust Fans control dust

Filtered Roof Exhaust Fans control dust. As a result many industrial manufacturing facilities have this problem. Hence manufacturing processes create heavy dust and dirty air that must be exhausted from the building. First of all dust is too heavy to simply exhaust to the outside without interfering with neighboring businesses and residential neighborhoods. And the solution; use filtered Roof Exhaust Fans. to control the level of dust exhausted from the building. An excellent source for these Filtered Roof Exhaust [...]

Stainless Steel Tube Axial Duct Fans for corrosive environments

For many industrial facilities, exhausting corrosive air from their processes can pose a problem. Because ordinary carbon steel ventilating equipment can be severely damaged and destroyed by a corrosive air stream. Stainless Steel Tube Axial Duct Fans are the solution to this problem. Stainless Steel offers a much higher degree of corrosion protection than carbon steel. Hence, call Carl J. Bush Company - USA (248) 276-8400. Many industrial processes that exhaust corrosive fumes and vapors use a duct system to exhaust [...]

High Temperature Duct Fans (Tube Axial)

Because many industrial factories and mills have processes that require exhausting high moisture and high temperature laden air. Many times, the solution is to use High Temperature Tube Axial Duct Fans designed to operate in these harsh factory environments. Steam is a common problem. Also heat exhausted from industrial ovens, hot forges, hot stampings and extruded aluminum operations. High moisture and steam need to be exhausted from Industrial Parts Washers, and that steam and moisture is usually exhausted by [...]

Carbon Filtered Wall Exhaust Fans remove smells and odors

First of all, a problem for many industries, (including legal growers of medicinal Cannabis),  is pungent smell and odor from their manufacturing processes. Cities and municipalities are cracking down on businesses that produce these bad smells and odors that affect neighborhoods and other business near that location. Carbon Filtered Wall Exhaust Fans are a solution. Also used in Sewer Gas, Wastewater, Chemical, Pharmaceutical. Sewer Gas, Garbage Recycling Plants, Wastewater Treatment, Chemical and Pharmaceutical use Carbon Filtered Fans to remove odor exhausted [...]

Paint Booth Wall Exhaust Fans

Paint Booth Wall Exhaust Fans can turn an empty room into a fully functional Paint Booth. A simple, self-contained, filtered, wall exhaust Paint Booth Fan can provide a far less expensive alternative to purchasing a prefabricated paint booth, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Many manufacturers, woodworkers, metal workers, Auto Body Shops, Truck Painting Operations,  hobbyists, etc., are learning that they can convert a small (or large) room into a very effective Paint Booth by using one [...]