Industrial Fan Articles

Filtered Stainless Steel Wall Fans

Hence Filtered Stainless Steel Wall Fans available in Exhaust or Supply. Also Perfect for Food Industry, and Pharmaceutical, Marine, Chemical, Dairy, Farm applications, etc. Washdown Duty. 304 or 316 Stainless Steel. Made in the USA. Carl J. Bush Company - USA (Since 1929).   Filtered Stainless Steel Wall Fans. Exhaust or Supply. Size 20″ Only The CJB Model CAF-920-1.5 is well suited for all applications requiring a Stainless Steel Washdown Duty Wall Exhaust of Supply-Air Fan. Perfect for Food Industry, Pharmaceutical, Marine, Chemical, [...]

HEPA Filter Wall Exhaust Fans

Hepa Filter Wall Exhaust Fans. Self Contained. HEPA Filter Wall Exhaust (or Supply) Fans. Applications requiring Standard Hepa Filters. Remove 99.97% of particles  0.30 microns from the airstream. Clean Rooms, Pharmaceutical Facilities, Data Centers, Laboratories, Food Processing Plants. Meet strict air cleanliness standards. Remove the maximum contaminants from the airstream. Applications that require very clean air. Maximizes indoor air quality. Hepa Filter Box Construction. CARL J. BUSH COMPANY - USA (248) 276-8400 Filters out Merv 17-20 Virus, Carbon Dust, Sea [...]

Filtered Sandblasting Wall Exhaust Fans (3-Filters)

"The Cube" 3-Filtered Wall Exhaust Fans. Completely Self Contained. More filter area. Paint Booth. Sand Blasting dust control. Dry Stone Grinding Dust control. Powder Coat Dust control. CJB Model CAF-920-2X-CUBE. Explosion Proof and Non-Explosion Proof. CUBE Filtered Wall Exhaust Paint Booth Fans (3-Filters) 8000 CFM with Clean Filters – 2-Horsepower (SEE PICTURES BELOW) CUBE Filtered Wall Exhaust Paint Booth Fans (3-Filters) The “Cube” Wall Exhaust Paint Booth Fan incorporates a Bolt-On Filter Box, (that requires NO ADDITIONAL SUPPORT – the fan [...]

Industrial Roof Ventilators Direct Driven

Low Maintenance. Simple operation. Industrial Grade. CJB Model AM. Industrial Roof Exhaust Fans Direct Drive Upblast. Made in America. Designed for general ventilation. Smoke removal. Fume removal. Lower cost and less maintenance. Industrial Roof Ventilators Direct Driven, Industrial Roof Ventilators, Industrial Roof Exhaust Fans, Direct Driven Industrial Roof Exhaust Ventilators Carl J. Bush Company - USA (Since 1929). Industrial Roof Exhaust Fans Direct Drive Upblast. CJB Fans since 1929. PHONE: (248) 276-8400 Sizes 18″ to 60″ – Designed for general ventilation and [...]

Portable Fans Heavy Duty Steel Mill Foundry & Forge

Heavy Duty Portable Fans. Steel Mills, Foundry and Forging. Harsh environment. Portable Fans Heavy Duty Steel Mill Foundry  & Forge. Designed to survive rough industrial conditions. Heavy Duty Man Cooling Fans. Portable Man Coolers. CJB Fans since 1929.   Provides portable cooling for personnel or processes. Heavy duty construction provides many years of service in demanding industrial locations such as steel mills, foundries, factories and warehouses. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Front & rear OSHA style concentric circle wire guards on all sizes except 60″ [...]

Wall Exhaust Fans Steel Mill Ventilation

Hence severe duty wall exhaust fans required for Steel Mills. Steel Foundries. Metal Finishing. Aluminum. Carl J. Bush Company (Since 1929). Manufacture Wall Exhaust Fans Steel Mill Ventilation.  Severe Duty wall exhaust fans. Self contained. High capacity. Large volume airflow. Stainless Steel Fan Housings. Stainless Steel Fabricated Propellers. Fiberglass discharge shutter. Wall Exhaust Fans Steel Mill Ventilation expel heat, smoke and fumes. Severe Duty Exhaust Fans. Corrosion protected wall exhaust fans. Wall Exhaust Fans Steel Mill Ventilation Description Fan package is equipped [...]

Paint Booth Odor Removal Wall Exhaust Fans

Remove paint odor smell from your paint booth. Paint Booth Odor Removal Wall Exhaust Fans from Carl J. Bush Company USA. Completely self contained. Two-Stage Filter System. First stage Merv-8 rated paint filter. Second stage filter Carbon Honeycomb. Merv-8 filter removes paint. Carbon filter removes paint odor. Explosion Proof Construction. Made in the USA.   Paint Booth Wall Exhaust Fan removes paint and paint odor from exhaust air-stream Sizes 12″, 20″ and 42″ – 2-Filter Boxes (Removable) – Pre-Filter Box (containing High Capacity, Pleated, [...]

Corrosion Resistant Roof Exhaust Fans

Epoxy Powder Coated. Less expensive than Fiberglass. Hence Corrosion Resistant Roof Exhaust Fans Epoxy Powder Coated Mild Steel. Also the economical choice for corrosion protection. (Degree of  Corrosion Protection varies. Based upon material in airstream). Twice baked on Epoxy Coating. Oil and Gas Industry, Petro Chemical, Sewerage Treatment facilities requires blowers with corrosion protection. Also Metal Processing, Chemical, Pharmaceutical operations. Protection against rust and corrosion. CJB Fans. Upblast Roof Exhaust Fans from 18" to 60". Custom Sizes to meet [...]

Industrial Axial Fan Blades Propellers

CJB Fan provides quality fan blades and propeller blades for fans and blowers. Hence Industrial Axial Fan Blades Propellers used in Heavy Industrial environments. Fan Blades. Fan Propellers. Replacement Fan Blades. Replacement Fan Propellers. Also axial Fan Blades for Industrial Fans. Hence CARL J. BUSH COMPANY - USA. An American Family Business Since 1929. CALL: (248) 276-8400. And we look forward to helping you with all your Industrial Fan Blade and Fan Propeller requirements. Industrial Axial Fan Blades Propellers. WITH [...]