Odor Fume Control Fans

  • Cannabis Odor removal fan

    CAF-900-Carbon Paint Booth Wall Exhaust Fans with Merv-8 Pre-Filter (2-Filter Boxes) Explosion Proof

    Sizes 12″, 20″ and 42″

    – 2-Filter Boxes (Removable)
    – Pre-Filter Box (containing High Capacity, Pleated, Merv-8 Rated Pre-Filter) which removes paint and dust. Protects and extends the life of the Secondary Carbon Honeycomb Odor Removal Filter.
    – Carbon Filter Box (contains carbon honeycomb filter for Paint Odor and Other Fume odor removal
    – Absorbs Foul Odor and Smells.
    – Can be used for other processes (other than Paint and Spray Booth applications)
    – Fans can be constructed of 304 or 316 Stainless Steel (for corrosive applications)
    – Completely SELF-CONTAINED.

  • Odor Control Wall Exhaust Fans (Wastewater Treatment, Sewer Gas)

    CAF-900-Carbon – Odor and Fume Control Wall Fans

    Sizes 12″, 20″ and 42″

    – With Activated Carbon Honeycomb Air Filter
    – Absorbs Foul Odor and Smells
    – Exhaust or Supply