Model CAF-DRV-CUBE – Roof Exhaust Paint Booth Systems

Model CAF-DRV-CUBE – Roof Exhaust Paint Booth Systems

– Direct Drive
– 24″ 1HP or 5HP Systems
– 1-Filter or 4-Filter Filter Boxes
– 6200 CFM to 10,000 CFM
– Perfect for Paint Booth Applications
– Dust Control
– Explosion Proof and Non-Explosion Proof

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The Model CAF-DRV-CUBE System incorporates a 24” Direct Driven Roof Exhaust Fan (mounted on the roof) which connect to a 4-Filter “CUBE” filter box – via a length of 24” Diameter Duct (DUCT BY OTHERS). There is a connecting flange mounted on the filter box, and a connecting flange mounted on the inlet of the Roof Exhaust Fan. YOU CONTROL THE LENGTH OF DUCT INTO YOUR PAINT BOOTH – (best fan performance if ductwork is in a straight line with no bends).

CAF-DRV-1X-CUBE 24″, 1HP, 1-Filter, 6200 CFM
CAF-DRV-5X-CUBE 24″, 5HP, 4-Filter, 10,000 CFM

Roof Exhaust Fan requires a Roof Curb attached to roof surface.  We can furnish the Roof Curb for Flat, Single Sloped, or Double Sloped Roofs (to 4″ in 12″ Pitch). Roof Must have SMOOTH-SURFACE, and no Corrugation Ridges for our Roof Curb to work with your roof.  Roof Curbs for Corrugated Roofs to be furnished by others.


  • High Capacity, Pleated, MERV 8 rated filters meets ASHRAE 52.2-1999
  • 5 times more efficient than fiberglass filters
  • 50% more surface area than standard capacity filters extending the service life by 30% and providing reduced resistance
  • Filters are made from 100% synthetic media which prevent the fibers from shedding
  • UL class 2
  • All filters are 2” thick {H x W change per fan size requirements}

Model CAF DRV Cube Drawing

Model CAF DRV Cube Cut Sheet