Model CAF – Filtered Wall Fans

Sizes 12″, 16″, 18″, 20″ and 42″

– 1 Filter Style
– Perfect for Paint Booth applications
– Perfect for Dust Control
– Explosion Proof and Non-Explosion Proof
– Exhaust or Supply
– Completely Self Contained
– Best Selling Fan: our Model CAF-920-1X (Size 20″, 1HP Unit) – IN STOCK (Single Phase XP Only)
NEW Model CAF-L942- 2X Size 42” with 4-Filters (4” Deep). Completely Self Contained. (See Drawing for detail). MOVES 13,000 CFM!!!

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The Draw-Through Filtered Exhaust Fan is well suited for Paint Spray Booth applications (for example). For customers that want a “complete package” with Fan, XP Motor, or Standard TEFC Motors for Non-Explosion Proof Applications (1-Phase or 3-Phase), Cast Aluminum Propeller, Fan & Shutter Mounting Box, Aluminum Automatic Shutter, Fan Guard, Filter-Box, and Filter(s), ready for installation in the wall. Takes the hassle out of having to build your own filter box and filters. (Filter Box is “removable”)

The Blow-Through Filtered Supply Fan is for SUPPY-AIR (INTAKE) applications. It is recommended that our INLET WEATHER HOOD be use with Supply Air Fans, to keep weather and birds from being pulled into the fan unit.

Fans are equipped with Superior Quality,  Highly Efficient, Adjustable Pitch Type, Die Cast Aluminum Propellers with Taper Lock Bushings (inserted into the hub).


  • High Capacity, Pleated, MERV 8 rated filters meets ASHRAE 52.2-1999
  • 5 times more efficient than fiberglass filters
  • 50% more surface area than standard capacity filters extending the service life by 30% and providing reduced resistance
  • Filters are made from 100% synthetic media which prevent the fibers from shedding
  • UL class 2
  • All filters are either 2” or 4” thick {H x W change per fan size requirements}. Size 42” uses (4) 24” X 24” X 4” Filters.

High Quality – Industrial Grade (Made in the USA)

Model CAF Filtered Wall Fan Draw Through Drawing

Model CAF Filtered Wall Fan Blow Through Drawing

Model CAF-L942 Filtered Wall Fan Draw Through Supply Drawing

Model CAF-L942 Filtered Wall Fan Blow Through Supply Drawing

Model CAF Filtered Wall Fan Cut Sheet